Hot Chocolate Chronicles


L.A. Grind Coffee & Tea Bar LLC -Your Coffeehouse on Wheels,  is a full service beverage catering company. No event too small or too big. We provide hot and cold beverages for your events. Private label coffee, tea-lisous tea, and gourmet hot cocoa! We recently debuted our gourmet hot cocoa at an event in  December for 3000 people and the crowd loved it! 


Hot Chocolate Chronicles


"The coffee and tea is delicious. I am a huge fan." Richard K.

The coffee is amazing! It's smooth, not bitter! My go to coffee. We even use it in the office as a staple! Gina L.

"Quick question: If a woman says, "Giiiirrrrllll, have you tried the tea?!" to one of her friends, is that a sign that it must be really tasty? I'm guessing yes. That's the response when L.A. Grind is in the house!" Ryan B.

Hot Chocolate Chronicles

Hot Chocolate Chronicles

Hot Chocolate Chronicles

Our gourmet hot cocoa is now in!! Taste what EVERYONE is talking about!!"

By hot cocoa ever! My babies were completely obsessed over it!!! Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe with the world".  Melissa A.

"Their hot cocoa is amazing"!  Monica S.

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Dedicated to Quality & Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent Customer Service. We're here for your beverage catering needs, private label coffee from Cameroon, tea, and newly added, our proprietary gourmet hot cocoa.

We are currently selling 100% Arabica coffee from Cameroon, Africa. Our Fair Trade coffee and tea from around the world is locally roasted and delivered in the freshest and highest quality. Place your order today! L.A. Grind Coffee & Tea Bar-proprietary gourmet hot cocoa will be available on the website soon for your enjoyment.

ALL proceeds help us to get our coffee truck (Lucille) on the road for your coffee pleasure!  


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.


12oz 100% Arabica Coffee from Cameroon

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